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Trenchless Pipe Installation

Trenchless Pipe Installation

Trenchless Pipe Installation

The expertly knowledgeable team at Concrete Treatments NZ Ltd offer No-Dig Trenchless Pipe Installation services. With over 50 years’ combined experience in tunnelling and trenchless methods, we are the number one choice for underground works in New Zealand.

Whether you require tunnel boring, pipe jacking, pipe crossing, or drill blast services, Concrete Treatments NZ Ltd are your go-to company for any No-Dig Trenchless technology project.

Utilising our unique and innovative micro tunnelling methods we can currently offer pipe installations from 300mm-2000mm, giving you a wealth of options for your no dig project. Our Trenchless service can be used for tunnel rehabilitation or repair works, meaning we can perform restoration to damaged pipes with minimal or no excavation. Our Trenchless spot repair service is a supremely efficient and cost-effective option.

Our highly skilled engineers provide the best Trenchless Pipejacking service, installing steel pipes and casings with no digging involved. In addition to our Trenchless Tunnelling work we can carry out extensive tunnel boring tasks, using our cutting-edge TBM to excavate a variety of ground formations. Our superior tunnel boring machine means you receive a fast, productive, and economical service to help you keep your project’s completion schedule and budget on track.

We are able to operate anywhere in New Zealand, and can manage most ground conditions with our adaptable plant machinery. All our machines and services meet or exceed the new mines regulations; health and safety are paramount to us on all our projects. Concrete Treatments NZ Ltd is a member of the Australian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT) so you can rest assured of the safety and quality of all our work.

No matter the size and scale of your no dig project, Concrete Treatments NZ Ltd can work with you to provide the best trenchless technology methods for your needs, giving you a comprehensive service at an affordable price.


Hydro Demolition

Hydro Demolition

Hydro Demolition

We are excited to introduce you to a hydro demolition robot called the Aqua Cutter 410A Evolution. It’s suitable for all types of operations; it’s small but extremely capable, it is designed for quick set up and safely enables high productivity on small to large hydro-demolition and scabbling projects. It has an articulated telescoping arm which enables a full range of movement. This flexibility allows the robot to reach horizontal, vertical and overhead areas in many challenging work spaces including round pipe and tunnels.

The robot is supported by a 380HP power pac (water blaster) capable of delivering up to 40,000 psi. It is currently configured to produce up to 20,000 psi at 95 litres per minute or up to 10,000 psi at 180 litres per minute.

The Evolution control system is the most reliable, sophisticated and flexible on the market. It’s possible to program geometrical figures such as circles, triangles; squares and rhomboids. The patented ISC system (Intelligent Sensing Control), means there are no cables or electronic sensors outside the enclosed engine hood.

Our personnel are trained and certified IFAP operators and are equipped to ensure your job is completed safely and efficiently. Click Here to see Some of the robots features.

Vertical Rehabilitation

Concrete Treatments refurbish any infrastructure assets that have been subject to degradation, such as pump stations, treatment plants, storage chambers and bunded areas, including damage caused by acid or gas attack. We are specialists in working within confined spaces.

Our process generally is to prepare surfaces by cleaning them with high pressure water, rebuild them to their original profiles and then coat the surfaces with product that provides long term protection.

Leak Repair

We use Prime Resins polyurethane products to stop leaks without digging. They are optimally formulated to stop leaks and extend the life of the structure by sealing out water, eliminating damaging effects to concrete walls, and reducing groundwater infiltration. The resins remain flexible enough to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction and minor movement of the structure. These resins are more cost efficient than replacement, effective in both tight cracks and wide joints, react with moisture to form a watertight seal and last for decades in most cases.


Horizontal Rehabilitation

No matter whether they are made of corrugated metal, brick, or concrete, eventually pipes, tanks manholes, wells, and other structures age and need repair or rehabilitation. That’s where Concrete Treatments can help. Our line of products enables you to select the correct product for the application. Whether it be structural rehabilitation or providing a protective coating, we are able to provide a solution to aging and damaged infrastructure assets.

Void Filling

To prevent settlement and underground collapse, we use resins or foamcrete (lightweight aerated grout) to fill large voids which can range from small such as the annulus around the outside of a tunnelled pipe, to large voids such as abandoned stormwater and sewer lines, storage chambers and excavated trenches.

Foamcrete has a very low viscosity, good thermal properties and a fire rating making it suitable for a variety of uses.


Ground Stabilistaion

stabilisationWe inject chemical grouts to stabilise soil and create subgrade grout barriers below roads, in earth dams, coastal seawalls, underground structures and tunnelling operations.

A major advantage of chemical grouting is the ability to strengthen existing soils without the need for excavation or disruption of facility operations. As the popularity of trenchless technology continues to grow, engineers and contractors are finding that they can use chemical grouts to solve a multitude of problems caused by poor soil or excessive water conditions.