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Concrete Repair and Restoration

Concrete Repair and Restoration

Concrete Resurfacing

Resurfacing is required on corroded and dilapidated concrete surfaces. Concrete Resurfacing is applied to concrete that is showing sings or breakdown and corrosion, generally the concrete is old and in awkward places but the cost to replace the concrete be it a structure or pipe is often to expensive and budget may not allow for full replacement, for that reason it may be more economical to undertake concrete repair and restoration. Our Geo spray type spray-on resurfacing coatings adhere extremely well to existing and suitable concrete surfaces and it also helps to create a slip resistant and durable surface with excellent abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Concrete Treatments’ Geospray system is one of the most innovative and effective systems available in the NZ market today. Our concrete and repair restoration can transform your concrete surface with amazing results. Designed and engineered to be sprayed over existing concrete, this coating adds structural strength to the concrete it is being applied to.

Concrete Repair and Restoration

Epoxy Pressure Injection

In some applications we use epoxy pressure injection for concrete repair and restoration projects, this method incorporates the ability to inject multiple chemical components, mainly epoxy-based adhesives strong and chemically diverse enough to join concrete where it was otherwise separated due to cracking, in most cases this will be applied to panels of concrete whether in structures or underground chambers. On another hand, epoxy type injection is often used to fill gaps and voids underneath plates, panels or slabs to ensure maximum load bearing capacity is achieved during the concrete repair and restoration process. However the structural restoration of concrete by injecting epoxy under pressure is quite often the only other available means for repair other than full replacement. Consequently large cost savings can be expected when this method is used for concrete repair and restoration jobs. The epoxy injected helps to protect the internal steel that is often found in the concrete and obviously works to mitigate water leaks. Epoxy injection is ultimately just a system that welds cracks together to return its strength back to what it was before the crack occurred. The welding of the crack joint restores the original bearing capacity expected of the concrete slab or structure as required. Essentially the concrete should be as strong as it was when it was new. The concrete repair and restoration treatment works to seal to air, moisture, chemicals, dust, and other contaminants that would only cause further deterioration of the concrete and/or internal steel.

Concrete Repair and Restoration Applications

  • Stress Cracks
  • Fractures of the concrete
  • Concrete shrink cracks
  • Voids under base plates
  • adding to loading bearing areas
  • Filling of Voids
Concrete repair and restoration

Inject Prime resin products to fill this void


Concrete Repair and Restoration

Tunnel or culvert resurfacing, concrete repair and restoration is something else that can be achieved using our innovative products, our spray GEOSPRAY solution provide fast and economical concrete repair and restoration solutions to many markets not just the civil infrastructure market. The Geospray can be layered as thick as desired to provide effect coverage and will also provide structural strength to the surface for which it is being applied to. The Geo spray system also works in the hard to get to places like pipelines and underground chambers.

The Geo spray system can work very well for tunnel and culvert type structures, these structures can be easily treated with the spay on products and will provide a long term and in most cases a tidy looking solution for your concrete repair and restoration project. If the culvert is sub surface and is leaking water the Geo spray surfacing treatment will act as an impervious waterproofing barrier to keep moisture and leech-ate’s from entering into the culvert and in some cases cause flooding. A flooded culvert is no good to anybody, so a waterproof culvert will be the outcome when using this concrete repair and restoration solution.

So for your Concrete repair and restoration requirements contact Concrete Treatments Ltd today.