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Concrete Rehabilitation

Prime Resins Concrete Rehabilitation

Prime Resins Epoxy injection resins, Polyurethane grouts and our range of polyuria coatings can be found in New Zealand, our products are formulated to help stop leaks, work to stabilize soils and ensure protection of differing concrete structures. Whilst producing unique infrastructure repair and rehabilitation solutions is all down to a science, applying them to a project requires technique and boils down to an art.

Picking the relevant product for its intended purpose and using the correct technique’s to apply the product is just as important as the final result that you are seeking from the application.  We at Prime resins have 30+ years of expertise when helping clients and end users alike to make the best decision’s with regards to our products.

Concrete Rehabilitation in New Zealand

Concrete Treatments Ltd employ an experienced team of installers who have undertaken specific training in order to apply the Prime Resin plethora of products and will ensure your concrete rehabilitation project will be completed professionally from the beginning of your project to the end. Concrete Treatments Ltd have a fastidious record of delivering high quality finishes and the required outcome on concrete rehabilitation projects undertaken and we are absolutely committed to finishing each project on time and to the desired or set budget.

Whilst the manufacturing of the Prime Resin products is scientific, the delivery and installation of the products could very much be considered an art. We can advise on the best product for your application and we could also go as far as to trial an area to determine suitability if applicable, this will often help to show the client the effectiveness of our products with regards to the desired needs of the project at hand.

Concrete Rehabilitation of Corroded concrete

In New Zealand Concrete Treatments can rehabilitate any type of concrete be it a structure, pipe or building; any infrastructure assets that are showing signs of degradation, such as sewer pump stations, sewer or water treatment plants, liquid or solid storage chambers and concrete bunded areas/zones, including but not limited to the damage caused by acidic or gaseous invasion. The staff providing concrete rehabilitation services are also trained in NZ for confined space entry and monitoring.

The process is generally to prepare concrete surfaces by blasting them with a water blaster or steam cleaner, reinstate the concrete product back to the original size and shape and then coat the surface with the relevant product that will provide long term and very effective security and protection form the elements and environment they are exposed too.

Concrete Rehabilitation

Concrete Treatments Ltd can repair corroded pipes like this one

Concrete Rehabilitation for a Leak Repair

The Polyurethane products by Prime Resins do away with the need to excavate down to a leak in most cases. They concrete rehabilitation formulation is structured in a manner that will stop leaks and increase the life of the Infrastructure to help increase its life, whilst mitigating the damage caused to concrete walls in pipes and chambers, consequently stopping any water getting into the system where you don’t want it to be. The concrete rehabilitation resins remain flexible enough to allow for thermal expansion, cold contraction and slight movement of the concrete structure or pipe being rehabilitated. The use of concrete rehabilitation resins is far more economical than the full replacement of the structure, being useful in both small cracks and thick joints they effectively react with the atmosphere and form Concrete rehabilitation waterproof membranes that will in most cases outlast the concrete it is repairing.

For concrete rehabilitation contractor services please contact us and we will be happy to help.