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Concrete Treatments NZ Ltd

Concrete Treatments are dedicated to

extending the life of existing infrastructure

and providing protection to new assets.

Our team use specialist products from around the world to meet the requirements of your project.

What We Do

✓  Trenchless Pipe Installation
Whether you require tunnel boring, pipe jacking, pipe crossing, or drill blast services, Concrete Treatments NZ Ltd are your go-to company for any NO-DIG Trenchless technology project.

✓  Refurbish and Protect Infrastructure Assets
Any infrastructure assets that have been subject to degradation such as pump stations, treatment plants, storage chambers and bunded areas. Including damage caused by acid or gas attack.

✓  Infrastructure Leak Repair
We use products to stop leaks without the need of digging.

✓  Infrastructure Rehabilitation
We provide structural rehabilitation and protective coating to aging and damaged infrastructure assets such as concrete pipes and steel culverts.

✓  Void Filling
We use resins or foamcrete to fill large voids to prevent settlement and underground collapse.

Our Services

We employ a team of skilled personnel who are specifically trained in the application of these products and will look after your project from start to finish. We have a track record of ensuring a professional outcome for all projects we work on and we are committed to completing them on time and on budget.

While the manufacturing to the products we use is a science, we believe the ability to apply them is more of an art. Choosing the appropriate product and using the correct application technique is equally important in achieving a successful outcome.

For further information see Our Services page